Moroccan Leg of Lamb Roast

Easy cooking Moroccan leg of lamb roast recipes – how to make roasted lamb with marinade from scratch in 10 steps at home.

Slow roast lamb recipe to cook a bone-in leg of lamb in the oven with Moroccan marinade.

Learn in this cooking video how to make a roast leg of lamb using a yummy and easy slow roast lamb recipe with Moroccan marinade and bone-in leg of lamb or lamb shoulder!

SUPER YUMMY homemade food recipe by! ENJOY cooking lamb! 👌

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👌 Cooking Moroccan leg of lamb roast – video 📺

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➡️ What ingredients do you need to make Moroccan leg of lamb roast? ❓

Raw Leg of Lamb

1) 4-5 kg/140-170 oz of lamb
2) 200 ml/7 fl oz of olive oil
3) 250 ml/8 fl oz of fresh lemon juice (about 3 lemons)
4) salt or salted red pepper paste
5) ground black pepper
6) 1/2 tsp of cumin powder
7) 1/2 tsp of dried thyme
8) garlic to taste (I use a whole head of garlic)
9) fresh rosemary or lovage leaves to taste (3-4 springs) or 1/2 tsp of the dried version
10) 200-300 ml/70-10 fl oz of water

➡️ How to make Moroccan leg of lamb roast from scratch? ❓

Moroccan Leg of Lamb Roast

1) place olive oil into a bowl, add over it lemon juice, salt, and ground pepper to taste, cumin, and thyme, then combine ingredients well until you get a smooth marinade
2) pour marinade over lamb and coat each meat piece with it
3) peel garlic cloves off, then place them into the tray
4) add rosemary or lovage to the tray
5) cover the tray and place it into the fridge for at least 1 hour for better seasoning (recommended)
6) take out the tray from the fridge, pour some water into the tray, and cover it again with aluminum foil
7) place the tray in the oven at 170 C/340 F for about 45 minutes
8) remove foil from the tray, put it back in the oven at 200 C/390 F, and wait until the meat is browned, add more water if necessary
9) take out the tray from the oven and let the roast lamb resting for about 15-30 minutes before serving (recommended)
10) slice the roast leg of lamb as you wish and serve it along with a side dish of your choice

➡️ Cooking tips for the Moroccan leg of lamb roast recipe 🔎

Roasted lamb is a common dish in some countries, while in other parts of the world belongs to the most refined gourmet food recipes.

In western cultures, the most often used part of lamb to cook lamb is the leg. I like, however, preparing roasted lamb with any lamb cut so, usually, I butcher half a lamb carcass and cook it slowly on the tray with different flavors.

On this page, I show you how to cook a leg of lamb roast with a Moroccan-style marinade. The main aromas of the marinade are cumin, lemon juice, and lovage or rosemary, which are typical for Moroccan cuisine.

I’ve added to the recipe a large quantity of garlic because I like very much the roasted lamb with a strong garlic aroma. However, you can use less garlic, just to give a delicate plus flavor to the roast.

Cooking a Moroccan leg of lamb roast is very easy, so there aren’t cooking tips to share regarding this recipe. I recommend keeping the fresh meat with marinade in the fridge before roasting because the spices will enter inside much better and you’ll notice a significantly different taste of the roast.

Also, I recommend cooking the lamb slowly, at a low temperature, to soften the meat before roasting. Use a high temperature just in the final part to brown the roast.

You can serve the roasted leg of lamb with different side dishes. Boiled rice is also typical for Moroccan cuisine, so you could try it to enjoy a meal just like in this North African country. Of course, other side dishes match very well this lamb roast in the oven such as mashed potatoes and French fries.

Enjoy Moroccan leg of lamb roast!

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