Mushroom and Green Bean Salad Appetizer with Mayonnaise

➡️ Are you searching for easy green bean recipes in 2023? On this page, you’ll find out how to make mushroom and green bean salad with mayonnaise from scratch in 10 steps at home. Maybe you are not convinced at first that green beans are an extraordinary ingredient to make cold appetizers. But after you read the list of ingredients and, above all, after you taste this bean salad, I’m sure you’ll include the recipe among your favorites!

➡️ It’s possible that you are an ardent fan of this tasty and healthy vegetable, in which case you are probably looking for a new recipe to use in a new creative way. You can prepare a string bean salad using my simple cold appetizer recipe with affordable and tasty items like canned mushrooms, canned green beans, and mayonnaise.

➡️ Preparing an appetizer salad with canned vegetables and mayonnaise is very simple and quick and you don’t need any prior experience to do this. So, don’t miss the chance to learn how to prepare a homemade mushroom and green bean salad with mayonnaise using the yummy and simple cold salad recipe in the cooking video below!

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How to Make Cold Green Bean Salad with Mayonnaise

What ingredients do you need to make mushroom and green bean salad?

String Beans for Cooking Classic Green Bean Casserole

1) 1 kg/35 oz of string beans, boiled or canned
2) 500 g/17 oz of canned mushrooms
3) 250 g/10 oz of baby carrots
4) 400 g/14 oz of sour cream
5) 200 g/7 oz of mayonnaise, bought or homemade
6) 100 g/3.5 oz of mustard, sweet or spicy on your desire
7) some fine salt to taste
8) 2-3 crushed garlic cloves (1 tsp of garlic powder) or to taste
9) some ground white pepper to taste
10) 1/2 tsp of granulated sugar or to taste (optional, depending on the mustard type you are using)
11) some chopped green dill to taste

How to make mushroom and green bean salad from scratch?

Mushroom and Green Bean Salad Appetizer with Mayonnaise

1) boil string beans until slightly soft, drain the water, and wait to cool to room temperature or open the can, rinse green beans, and drain the water, then place the beans into a large bowl
2) open the mushroom can, rinse the content, drain the water well, then place the mushrooms over string beans
3) peel carrots, then grate them coarsely and place them into the bowl
4) place sour cream into another bowl, then add the mayonnaise
5) add mustard over mayonnaise, then season with salt to taste
6) add crushed garlic cloves or garlic powder to the bowl
7) add some ground white pepper to taste and some sugar to taste, then mix the ingredients very well
8) pour the mayonnaise sauce over the ingredients in the first bowl, then mix them thoroughly
9) chop the dill and sprinkle it over the salad appetizer
10) place the mushroom and string bean salad into the fridge for at least 1 hour to combine flavors better (recommended)

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Final Notes for the Cold Green Bean Salad with Mayonnaise

➡️ I like appetizers of all kinds, so I make lots of appetizer recipes all the time. A good part of them is creamy appetizers featuring mayonnaise, sour cream, or yogurt. One of the very tasty cold appetizers that I bring to your attention on this page is the mushroom and green bean salad with mayonnaise, which is actually a salad appetizer.

➡️ The main ingredients of this appetizer are string beans and mushrooms. Of course, the salad can be prepared with wax yellow beans exactly in the same way. You can use both canned and fresh green beans, on your desire. The taste of the salad is pretty much the same, with a plus of vitamins for the fresh version, of course. However, the fresh carrots give enough freshness and healthiness to the salad, so using frozen string beans is a good choice when you want to save time and spend less time in the kitchen.

➡️ I like garlic flavor very much, so I use a lot of garlic in this salad appetizer. Nevertheless, you can use garlic to your taste, but I recommend a minimum of 2-3 garlic cloves to enjoy a spicy appetizer.

➡️ As for the mustard, you can use both sweet and spicy versions, as you like. Personally, I like to use spicy mustard that I combine with a bit of sugar to confer a spicy-sweet taste to the appetizer salad.

➡️ A very important thing that I underline is to drain the water VERY WELL from both string beans and mushrooms. Basically, you have to remove water completely from vegetables. If you don’t do so, your salad dressing will have a runny texture and an unpleasant taste.

➡️ Finally, you can replace the dill with other fresh aromatic plants such as parsley or coriander if you like those flavors more than dill.

➡️ Enjoy making cold green bean salad with mayonnaise with from scratch! For additional info, read more on starter!

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