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When it comes to food, especially beef and pork, fresh is always preferred over frozen, right? Surprisingly, when meat is properly flash frozen, this is not the case. A flash freeze applied at the maximum of the meat’s immediate freshness will successfully capture and preserve the food without sacrificing quality.

Nowadays, many people do not consider the quality of pork or beef, but only its price. Of course, not everyone can afford to buy expensive products, but everyone should define what is expensive when it comes to health!

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What is fresh beef?

🐮 The beef you buy from your butcher to cook right away is fresh, not frozen. Fresh beef should be brilliant red in color, firm, and dry to the touch. It also should be cooked promptly or shortly after purchase to ensure freshness and to prevent hazardous bacteria from developing. A mild, meaty aroma is normal for beef, but, if the meat smells extremely strong or pungent, you should avoid eating it!

What is fresh pork?

🐷 Pork is consumed both fresh and preserved. Curing pork products increases their shelf life. “Fresh pork” refers to uncured meat.