Homemade Yeast Pastry Dough

➡️ Are you looking for the best yeast dough recipes in 2023? On this site, you’ll discover how to make pastry dough from scratch in 7 steps at home.

➡️ My homemade yeast dough recipe enables you to prepare the best pastry dough with simple ingredients to enjoy a fluffy bread loaf and more naturally leavened cakes.

➡️ Watch the video below and learn how to make the pastry dough at home using a classic dough recipe from scratch!

The Magic Story of Making Pastry Dough at Home

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Video – How to Make Yeast Pastry Dough from Scratch

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What ingredients do you need to make a sweet pastry dough?


1) 70 ml/2.5 fl oz of lukewarm cow milk
2) 1 tsp of vanilla extract
3) 25 g/1 oz of fresh yeast
4) a pinch of salt
5) 1/4 tbsp + 100 g/3.5 oz of granulated sugar
6) 1 tbsp + 600 g/21 oz of all-purpose flour (you need a few tablespoons of extra flour for the working surface)
7) grated zest from a lemon
8) 125 g/4.5 oz of butter at room temperature
9) 120 g/4 oz of sour cream
10) 4 egg yolks
11) 50 ml/1.7 fl oz of warmish water

How to make sweet yeast dough from scratch?

Homemade Yeast Pastry Dough

1) place in a pot the milk, vanilla extract, yeast, some salt, 1/4 tablespoon of sugar, and 1 tablespoon of flour, then mix the ingredients to combine well
2) add lemon zest, then cover the pot and wait about 10 minutes to activate the yeast
3) place in a large bowl 600 g/21 oz of flour, 100 g/3.5 oz of sugar, and the butter
4) add to the bowl sour cream, and egg yolks. and milk with activated yeast, then combine ingredients by hand until smooth
5) while kneading dough add some warmish water, then continue until you get a fine dough
6) when the dough is elastic and isn’t sticky anymore, sprinkle over it some flour, cover the bowl and place it in a warm place, then wait about 1 hour to leaven
7) use this dough to prepare different homemade cakes that require naturally leavened dough such as walnut rolls and many more

What is dough?

➡️ Dough is a thick, malleable, and occasionally elastic mixture produced from grains, legumes, or chestnuts. The dough is normally formed by combining flour with a small amount of water or another liquid, and it may also contain yeast or other leavening agents, as well as additional components such as fats or flavorings.

📖 Read more about various dough types here!

What is yeast dough?

➡️ All you need is yeast, sugar, water, eggs, flour, butter, and salt to make up a basic yeast dough. These ingredients are combined to make a dough, which is then kneaded to form the gluten structure before being left to rise and ferment in a warm place until it is nearly double in size and is ready for use.

What is leavened dough?

➡️ Bread is created all around the world with fermented or leavened dough made from cereal grains or crushed legumes mixed with water and yeast. Bread dough also contains salt, oils or other fats, sugar or honey, and occasionally milk or eggs. Commercial bread dough may also contain dough conditioners, which aid in the consistency of the dough and the finished product.

PRO Tips For The Old-Fashioned Yeast Pastry Dough with Butter

➡️ There are a lot of traditional cake recipes with naturally leavened dough. Many of them are traditional recipes prepared in a classic way.

➡️ Dough with natural leavening, known also as fermented dough, is used all over the world for centuries to make different homemade cake recipes that require leavened dough.

➡️ There are available many dough recipes that use yeast as a leavening agent. I share on this page an old-fashioned dough recipe that I use often to make various cakes such as walnut rolls, poppy seed rolls, and many, many more.

➡️ Enjoy making homemade yeast pastry dough from scratch!

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