Ranch Burgers

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When spring comes, I look forward to lighting the grill up and frying something on it, no matter what! Ranch burger is one of the best options because it’s delicious and easy to make, plus it’s ready in no time.

Hamburgers are great for a grill party, but also for a quick snack or for a lunch or dinner that doesn’t take much time to prepare. You can make the patties the night before or in the morning and grill the burgers right before the meal. This way, the ground meat has time to combine better with the spices you’re using.

If you’re wondering what the best ranch burger recipe is, I can’t name one because I have so many such recipes. I like beef burgers, but I also use other types of meat, including pork, chicken, turkey, and even lamb. I adapt the spices used for each type of meat, as well as the toppings, so most of the time my burgers are unique!

Enjoy cooking ranch burgers from scratch! 👌
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Of course, burgers are delicious all year round, not just in the spring. The arrival of the warmish season only offers an extra excuse to drop a piece of meat on the grill and spend time outdoors with family and friends. Although they are delicious, not everyone likes ranch burgers, probably because of the specific spices used in cooking. However, this is not a problem, since you can prepare other types of burgers for your grill party to satisfy everyone’s culinary taste!

The best part about making your own burgers is that you can create the exact flavor and texture you want. You should start with lean ground beef and combine it with a wide variety of fresh and flavorful toppings, such as guacamole, cheese, fresh vegetables, and more. It’s the perfect way to bring a healthier, more flavorful option to your table without sacrificing any of the juiciness or flavor. Whether you’re craving a classic burger or trying something new and innovative, you can create a ranch burger recipe to suit your tastes.

When it comes to burgers, many people think it’s unhealthy. It is completely wrong to believe this! Actually, only the sauces full of fat and calories some people put on top can be unhealthy, not the lean meat or fresh vegetables that you can crown your burger with. Below is more information about the health benefits of eating beef.

In the springtime, a young (or old) man’s (or woman’s) thoughts lightly turn to thoughts of … grilling! Later on in the season, experienced outdoor cooks might work their way up to cooking ribeye steaks or perhaps pit-grilling an entire pig, but one of the first meals many of us typically cook when we fire up the grill is burgers.

Still, we’re always up for a new burger recipe , and these ranch burgers from recipe developer Kate Shungu of Gift of Hospitality look like a keeper! Even if you’re not a fan of ranch dressing, don’t discount these burgers. They’re not made with the goopy white stuff, but rather with the dry mix. As Shungu explains, “The ranch dressing mix seasons these burgers really nicely with flavors of onion and herbs.” She tells us that adding this seasoning is “an easy way to jazz up regular burgers,” and suggests that this dish “really does taste like a burger you’d order at a sports bar.” Gather the ingredients for your ranch burger!

To make these burgers, you’ll need ground beef, although Shungu does say that chicken or turkey could work, as well. You’ll also need dry ranch dressing mix to season them and a few slices of cheese to top them. While Shungu uses provolone, you can feel free to use whatever cheese you prefer. You’ll also need some hamburger buns to hold them — Shungu favors brioche buns, but again, you can use any type of bun you […]”

➡️ Enjoy cooking ranch burgers from scratch!

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