Portuguese Red Pepper Paste

Sweet pepper paste recipes – how to make red pepper paste for food seasoning from scratch in 9 steps at home.

Easy sweet pepper paste recipe to prepare a seasoning for food with raw red bell pepper or kapia pepper and salt.

Learn in this video how to make red pepper paste by using the best Portuguese red pepper paste recipe for food seasoning!

SUPER YUMMY homemade food recipe by www.homemaderecipesfromscratch.com! ENJOY making red pepper paste at home! 👌

👌 Portuguese red pepper paste – video 📺

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➡️ What ingredients do you need to make Portuguese pepper paste? ❓

Kapia Peppers

1) 4 kg/140 oz of kapia pepper or red bell pepper
2) 1 kg/35 oz of coarse marine salt (recommended)

➡️ How to make pepper paste for food seasoning from scratch? ❓

Salted Red Pepper Paste Recipe

1) cut peppers lengthwise
2) remove stubs and seeds
3) cut pepper halves into strips lengthwise
4) very finely chop or grind pepper strips by hand, robot, or machine
5) add salt to ground red pepper paste, then combine ingredients well until salt is dissolved completely
6) place red pepper paste into a pretty cold place (around 20-25 C/70-75 F) overnight
7) mix paste the next day, then put it into clean and dry jars
8) put lids to jars and tight them well to seal the paste
9) you can keep jars in a cold place (not more than 25 C/75 F) for up to 2-3 years

➡️ Tips for the red pepper paste recipe 🔎

There are many food recipes that include among ingredients different types of pepper paste.

Most pepper paste types are used for food seasoning. Some are sweet, while others have a spicy taste.

Preparing sweet pepper paste is very easy. It seems that this recipe was made for the first time in Portugal and this is the reason for which is called Portuguese red pepper paste.

There are not many cooking tips to unveil for the sweet pepper paste. The most important things to obtain great results when you make this recipe are the followings:

  • grind very fine the red peppers
  • combine well salt with pepper to dissolve the salt completely and use coarse marine salt if possible (the salt type is not mandatory, but recommended)
  • wait to rest the pepper paste about 24 hours before storing it in jars in a pretty cold place – this prevents fermentation
  • stir again the paste before putting it in jars
  • use clean and dry jars
  • seal well the jars
  • store the jars in a dark and cold place (temperature should not exceed 25 C/75 F, a pantry or storeroom is a perfect place )

The salty red pepper paste is used for food seasoning during winter.

There are many food recipes using this paste, I use it mostly instead of salt when I cook soup and roast of any kind – chicken, pork, lamb, or beef.

Just put 1-2 tablespoons in the soup or rub the raw meat with the Portuguese red pepper paste and you’ll see a huge difference!

The taste is much better – not just that the food is salted more uniform, but it also has a very pleasant and discrete sweet red pepper flavor!

Enjoy it!

Read more about the sweet pepper paste types here.

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