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➡️ Have you ever heard of congee or Asian rice porridge? It is the same thing called in two ways and it is, in fact, rice boiled in water. It is one of the most common ways to cook rice in Asia. Congee is very popular throughout Asia and therefore you will find recipes for Chinese congee, Japanese congee, Korean congee, and so on.

➡️ Even though congee is cooked all over Asia, the regional variations are huge even within the same country. For example, in China, there are various rice porridge recipes that differ quite a lot. Therefore, a congee cooked in Malaysia will taste completely different from a rice porridge cooked in Korea and this is primarily due to the spices used in each region.

➡️ You are probably wondering why I am writing this article if congee is a humble rice porridge, namely simply rice boiled in water. First of all, because I always like new recipes from all over the world and the Asian flavors are among the strongest and most varied. I admit that I don’t have much opportunity to eat authentic Asian food and that’s why I’m looking for interesting recipes to try at home. However, there are available more complex congee recipes that include other ingredients besides rice and especially chicken and mushrooms.

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Cooking Rice Porridge Is A Breeze!

➡️ Another reason why I draw your attention to Asian rice porridge recipes is that rice is very healthy food. There are many different types of rice, but brown rice has a unique nutty flavor because it is a whole grain. White rice is a refined grain and doesn’t have the fiber that whole grains have. As a result, white rice is not the most nutritious grain, but it is a good source of carbohydrates and other nutrients such as manganese and iron.

➡️ Rice porridge can be cooked both with brown rice and white rice. Most Far East congee recipes use white rice, but in South East Asia are lots of rice porridge recipes with brown rice as well. If you are unfamiliar with Asian cuisine, maybe you should start with a rice porridge recipe that uses white rice, and then try one with brown rice, which has a much more exotic touch.

➡️ Regardless of the type of rice you choose for your Asian rice porridge recipe, you should not be afraid that you will have difficulty preparing the recipe as the vast majority of congee recipes are very easy even by the standards of a novice home chef. Purchasing some Asian-specific spices may be difficult, but today there are many stores that sell products imported from Asia, and in addition, you can order ingredients on the Internet that you may not find locally.

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“The first time I heard Jiangnan referred to as yu mi Zhi Xiang — the ‘Land of Fish and Rice’ — was as my family and I sped along a small road by Taihu, ‘Lake Tai,’ with a beautiful golden field of rice swaying gently with the breeze on one side,” writes Betty Liu in her gorgeous cookbook, “ My Shanghai: Recipes and Stories From a City on the Water .”

Among the many recipes in the book, almost half feature rice in some form. There are pumpkin rice cakes with red bean paste, rice-encrusted pork ribs steamed in lotus leaves, sticky rice rolls filled with black sesame seeds, and many others. But one of the simplest rice recipes is for zhōu or xī fàn — often called by its Anglicized name, congee.

A simple rice porridge, in its most basic iteration, it’s a combination of rice and water in a ratio of about 1 part rice and anywhere from 6 to 12 parts water. The rice is boiled and simmered until the grains release all of their starch, thickening the water […]

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