Simple Cole Slaw Recipe

Homemade Cole Slaw Recipes

Some of the most delicious cabbage slaw recipes you’ve ever made!

➡️ Want to start a healthy lifestyle this summer? This is a wise idea, but do you know that you need to change your meal plans and possibly start a diet? You should not be afraid of this prospect because there are many healthy foods that will help you lose extra pounds and some of these are healthy veggie salads like fresh cabbage salad, known also as coleslaw, cole slaw, or simply slaw.

➡️ You’ve probably eaten cabbage salad many times before and you know what it’s about. If you have any questions, you can read below for more details on what cole slaw means. In fact, the term includes any vegetable salad that has raw cabbage as its main ingredient, both white or green and red or purple.

➡️ So, when you think about healthy eating, you should already start planning healthy recipes. This is an obvious thing and it’s easier to make than it looks because cole slaw recipes are plentiful and include many ingredients to vary largely your meal plans. Not only do cabbage slaw recipes include many other ingredients besides cabbage, but dressings can also vary greatly, and this changes the taste of the salad blatantly.

➡️ Enjoy making homemade cole slaw recipes from scratch! 👌 Leave a comment on this topic!
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Making Cole Slaw Recipe At Home Is A Breeze!

➡️ When it comes to dressing for cole slaw recipes, they can be based on vinegar or can be creamy, based on yogurt or sour cream. Since you are thinking of starting a healthy lifestyle and possibly dieting, we put aside the yogurt and sour cream dressings due to their higher fat content and focus on those whose main ingredients are vinegar or fresh lemon juice.

➡️ I recently wrote two articles about balsamic vinegar vinaigrette and red wine vinaigrette that I recommend for reading and I even suggest you learn them because both types of dressing are ideal for any coleslaw. Of course, these are more complex salad dressing recipes that include various ingredients that you may not have at hand, even if they are not sophisticated. However, you can prepare extremely simple slaw dressings, such as simply squeezing the juice from a lemon over the shredded cabbage, adding a pinch of salt and possibly some herbs, and mixing the ingredients – your healthy cabbage salad is ready to serve!

➡️ In the end, I think you are convinced that the preparation of homemade coleslaw recipes is very simple, fast, and does not require much time to prepare. What you should also remember is that cabbage slaw recipes are extremely versatile and therefore you can add any other vegetables you have in the fridge – carrots, radishes, green onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and so on. In addition, other ingredients can be added besides vegetables and I am thinking, first of all, of hard-boiled eggs and matured cheese such as white brine cheese or feta. Therefore, you have no excuse to postpone and not start your new healthy lifestyle today!

➡️ Enjoy making cole slaw recipes from scratch!

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