Southern Irish Stew

➡️ Have no idea what a Southern Irish stew is? You may have heard of Irish stew (Ballymaloe or “stobhach gaelach” in Gaelic), but if you’re not Irish, I don’t think you know exactly what it is!

➡️ Well, the authentic Irish stew is a consistent stew of mutton and vegetables that nowadays is cooked rather from lamb because of its leaner and more tender meat than mutton. However, the mutton version is also very tasty and even more filling, but it requires a little longer cooking time for the meat to be very tender.

➡️ Irish stew has been cooked for centuries and has several regional versions, the southern one including carrots among the ingredients. This is exactly what I am sharing on this page and I recommend it for the exceptional taste that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet! Watch the cooking video below and learn more about cooking the old-fashioned southern Irish stew!

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How to Cook Southern Irish Stew from Scratch

➡️ You can use this old-fashioned Irish stew recipe to cook one of the best meals you had ever Below are listed the needed ingredients and the cooking methods. Even if you’re skeptical that you’ll like a lamb stew, you have to try it out because it’s simply delicious and will win your heart and taste buds forever!

What ingredients do you need for the southern Irish stew? (recipe for 10 servings)

Diced Lamb

1) 2 kg/70 oz of boneless lamb meat (leg of lamb, lamb shoulder, or lamb loin)
2) 1 kg/35 oz of potatoes
3) 0,5 kg/17 oz of carrots
4) 1 kg/35 oz of yellow onions or leeks
5) 100 ml/3.5 fl oz of vegetable oil
6) 1 l/35 fl oz of beef stock or water
7) 4 tbsp of all-purpose flour or cornstarch
8) some salt and ground black pepper to taste
9) a bunch of fresh parsley leaves
10) some fresh thyme twigs or rosemary twigs (optional)

How to make southern Irish stew from scratch?

Southern Irish Stew

1) cut the meat into medium-sized pieces
2) peel potatoes and cut them into medium-sized pieces
3) peel carrots and slice them
4) peel onions and chop them or slice the leeks
5) pour oil into the frying pan, wait to heat up, then add the lamb and brown it over a medium temperature, season it with some salt in the meantime
6) place half of the vegetables into a tray or heatproof dish, then place the browned lamb meat over
7) place the rest of the vegetables on top to cover the lamb completely
8) place the beef stock or water into the same pan, heat it up, then add the flour or cornstarch gradually while stirring the broth or water
9) season the broth with salt and ground black pepper, then boil it over a low temperature for about 3-4 minutes or until slightly thick
10) pour the stock over the rest of the ingredients, and add a bit of hot water if necessary to cover the ingredients completely
11) seal the tray with aluminum foil, then place it in the oven for about 45 min at 180C/360F
12) remove the foil, and place back the tray in the oven at 220C/430F for about 30 min or until the lamb is very tender; if necessary, add a bit of hot water to keep the ingredients immersed
13) take the tray out of the oven
14) chop fresh parsley leaves and top the southern Irish stew while serving it

What’s the difference between a typical Irish stew and a southern Irish stew?

➡️ The major difference between the southern version and the typical Irish stew is that the former also contains carrots, while the rest of the country does not use this ingredient.

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The southern Irish stew can be stored?

➡️ Yes, like any meat stew, it is even better the next day. The southern Irish stew can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 days but also in the freezer and served at a later time.

What’s the difference between Irish stew and beef stew?

➡️ While beef stew is obviously cooked from beef, Irish stew is made with lamb or mutton. If someone tells you otherwise, that person doesn’t know what Irish stew is!

Does the traditional Irish stew include wine or beer?

➡️ No, a typical Irish stew is cooked without the addition of wine or beer.

Guinness stew is the same as Irish stew?

➡️ No, these are completely different recipes. While the Guinness stew is cooked with beef and includes Guinness beer among ingredients, the typical Irish stew features lamb or mutton and doesn’t contain any type of alcohol. However, there are available some recipes that combine the two stew types and hence the confusion between recipes. Some add Guineas beer to the Irish stew, while others cook Guinness stew of lamb or mutton.

What are the health benefits of eating lamb?

➡️ Grass-fed lamb is a good source of omega-3 fats, a nutrient whose intake is linked to a lower risk of inflammation and, possibly, a lower risk of heart disease. Furthermore, the omega-3 to omega-6 fat ratio in grass-fed lamb is much higher than in the usual American diet.

➡️ CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is present at varying levels in grass-fed lamb. Increased intake of this vitamin has been linked to lower inflammation and body fat in some studies, but not all.

➡️ Oleic acid, a monounsaturated lipid, accounts for approximately 40% of the fat in grass-fed lamb. This sort of fat (for which extra-virgin olive oil is celebrated) has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease.

➡️ Grass-fed lamb is a rich source of zinc and a good source of selenium. Because they are cofactors in essential antioxidant enzyme systems, a healthy intake of these minerals protects against oxidative stress.

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5 PRO Tips For The Southern Irish Stew Recipe

➡️ Below are a few tips to get the best results when cooking authentic southern Irish stew:

  • remove any fat from the meat because the boiled lamb or mutton fat has a very unpleasant taste and texture
  • cube the meat into medium-sized pieces so that the meat gets properly tender but cooked inside as well
  • cube the potatoes into medium pieces to avoid excessive crushing
  • remember that all ingredients must be permanently immersed in liquid to cook evenly
  • over the browned meat you can add a few sprigs of thyme or rosemary before covering them with the rest of the ingredients; even though these flavors are not typical of southern Irish stew, they add an extra flavor that goes perfectly with lamb and other ingredients

Drinking Wine at Home

Drinking wine at home!

What goes better with a delicious meal than quality wine? Nothing, both from my point of view and from the ancient Greeks, who said about wine that it’s the nectar of the gods! Can we contradict them?

➡️ Enjoy cooking southern Irish stew recipes from scratch!

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