Italian Sweet Ricotta Cheese Pie Recipe

Sweet Ricotta Cheese Pie Recipe

Homemade Italian Ricotta Cheese Pie Recipes: Sweet Ricotta Cheese Pie with Raisins

My Italian ricotta cheese pie recipe is possibly the most delicious sweet ricotta cheese pie recipe you’ve ever baked at home!

➡️ Are you looking for the best way to make cottage cheese pie recipes in 2023? On this website, you’ll discover how to make sweet ricotta cheese pie in 15 steps at home.

➡️ My authentic Italian cheese pie recipe helps you bake a homemade pie with fresh cottage cheese or ricotta and more tasty and healthy ingredients.

➡️ Read on and learn below how to make a sweet ricotta cheese pie from scratch using an authentic cottage cheese pie recipe from Italy!

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How to Make Sweet Ricotta Cheese Pie from Scratch

How to make sweet ricotta cheese pie from scratch?

Sweet Ricotta Cheese Pie Recipe

1) put raisins in a mug and pour over them rum or water mixed with the rum essence, then combine ingredients and wait at least 15 minutes to soften the raisins
2) squeeze the cheese well if necessary, then put it in a bowl, add sugar and cream, then mix the ingredients thoroughly
3) break 2 eggs into the bowl and add softened raisins, then mix ingredients again
4) add semolina and mix again
5) cut the dough into two pieces with a proportion of about 60%-40%
6) spread the larger dough piece into a sheet of about 1 cm/0.4 inch in thickness so that its surface is slightly larger than the tray you are going to use
7) cut the edges of the pastry sheet to be straight, then put the sheet on the tray
8) sprinkle 4 tablespoons of semolina over the dough sheet in a layer, then pour cheese filling and level its surface to be straight
9) spread the second dough piece into a sheet and place it over the cheese layer
10) merge the two dough sheets on the tray edges by pressing with your fingers, then cut the excess off
11) break the last egg, beat it up with the fork, and brush the pie surface all over
12) make a few holes with the fork in the pie sheet to get the steam out during baking
13) put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 C/360 F and bake the cake until golden (30-45 minutes)
14) take the tray out from the oven and wait until this delicious sweet cheese ricotta pie cools to room temperature
15) cut the pie up into pieces of the desired size, then sprinkle over some caster sugar as desired
Enjoy the sweet ricotta cheese pie!

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Final Notes for the Sweet Ricotta Cheese Pie Recipe

➡️ Cheesecake is one of the most loved homemade cake recipes. As a result, housewives all over the world make all kinds of cake recipes using sweet cheese. Most often they use cow cheese, but there are still many recipes featuring sheep cheese and even goat cheese.

➡️ As a child, I was spoiled by my grandmother with various homemade cakes prepared with shortcrust pastry. She knew to make an excellent cake dough with lard, which she used often to make wonderful sweet pies with various fillings.

➡️ Most often, grandma used to make apple pie, sometimes apple and walnut pie, and, rarely, sweet cheese pie because, apparently, sweet cheese wasn’t cheap and she needed a lot to make enough cake for all the family!

➡️ This sweet ricotta cheese pie tastes even better if you add raisins to the cheese filling. Their sweetness is combined with the exotic flavor of the rum and together give this cheesecake a divine savor!

➡️ Enjoy baking sweet ricotta cheese pie recipes from scratch! For additional info, read more on cottage cheese!

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