Easy Homemade Tomato Chicken Vegetable Soup Recipe

Homemade chicken soup recipes – how to make tomato chicken vegetable soup from scratch in 10 steps at home.

Easy chicken vegetable soup recipe to cook a homemade soup with healthy and tasty ingredients like chicken, tomato, and more.

Learn in this video how to make vegetable chicken soup from scratch by using a yummy and easy chicken vegetable soup recipe from scratch!

SUPER YUMMY homemade food recipe by www.homemaderecipesfromscratch.com! ENJOY cooking tomato soup at home! 👌

Tomato chicken vegetable soup recipe – video 📺

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What ingredients do I need to make tomato chicken vegetable soup? ❓

Tomato Broth

1) 200 g/7 oz of chopped onion
2) some vegetable oil
3) salt and black peppercorn
4) 500 g/18 oz of root vegetables for soup (carrot and parsley or parsnip root)
4) 300 g/10 oz of diced red bell pepper
5) 500 g/18 oz of chopped peeled tomato
6) fresh lovage leaves (optional)
7) 1-2 dry bay leaves
8) 1000 ml/34 fl oz of concentrated tomato broth
9) 1 kg/35 oz of small-cubed potato
10) 1.5 kg/52 oz of chicken drumstick or fleshy chicken wing (12 pieces)
11) some apple vinegar or borscht (optional)
12) some chopped greenery (parsley or dill)
13) some sour cream for serving (optional)

How to make tomato chicken vegetable soup from scratch? ❓

Easy Homemade Tomato Chicken Vegetable Soup Recipe

1) finely chop the onion, then place it into a tall pot
2) fry onion over hot temperature with some vegetable oil, meanwhile season it with some salt to taste
3) peel and chop vegetables, then put them into the pot when the onion is glassy
4) dice the bell pepper and put into the pot, then simmer ingredients a few minutes more (3-5 minutes) or until they are slightly soft
5) peel and chop tomatoes or use canned tomatoes, then place them into the pot
6) add some lovage leaves, bay leaves, and peppercorn to taste
7) pour into the pot tomato broth, then add chicken
8) fill the pot up with water and boil the vegetable chicken soup over low temperature until both the meat and vegetables are tender
9) sour the chicken tomato soup with apple vinegar or borscht (optional)
10) add some chopped greenery and boil the soup a few minutes more

➡️ Cooking tips for the tomato chicken vegetable soup recipe 🔎

Chicken soup is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular soup recipes in the world.

There are available hundreds of chicken soup recipes with different ingredients. Some include also noodles, which are some of the most appreciated ingredients to cook chicken soup.

Needless to say, chicken soup recipes with vegetables are some of the most preferred soups.

This is, probably, because vegetables bring more aroma and a fresh feeling. Not to mention that vegetables are very healthy due to the many vitamins it contains.

This easy tomato chicken vegetable soup recipe enables you to cook hearty and healthy chicken soup with a lot of vegetables.

Tomatoes are some of the most beloved vegetables when it comes to cooking soup. So, a chicken soup with tomatoes is a very natural combination.

The homemade soup is very tasty, easy to make, and doesn’t require too many ingredients.

Cooking time is short and you don’t have to work too much to obtain a delicious chicken tomato soup!

Basically, this chicken soup is made with chicken drumstick, but you can use also chicken wings and even diced boneless chicken breast if you like.

The homemade tomato chicken vegetable soup can be served plain or with sour cream added on the top.

Also, you can serve pickled chili peppers along with this soup for a spicy taste.

Whichever is the final version you decide to serve, one thing is sure – the soup is very tasty and will delight all people who will taste it!

Enjoy the easy chicken vegetable soup recipe with tomatoes!

You can read more about different chicken soup types here.

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