Pork Brisket Recipe with Tomato Sauce in the Oven

➡️ Searching for easy pork brisket recipes in 2022? On this webpage, you’ll find out how to cook pork brisket in the oven with tomato sauce from scratch in 11 steps at home.

➡️ Using my easy pork brisket recipe enables you to cook crispy pork ribs in the oven with tomato sauce and more simple and tasty ingredients.

➡️ Watch the cooking video below and learn how to make pork brisket in the oven from scratch by using an easy pork brisket recipe with tomato sauce!

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Video – How to Cook Pork Brisket in the Oven with Tomatoes

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What ingredients do you need to make pork brisket in the oven?

Raw Pork Brisket

1) 2 kg/70 oz of pork brisket, with or without skin
2) salt and ground black pepper to taste (you can replace salt with Portuguese red pepper paste for food seasoning)
3) some black peppercorn (optional)
4) garlic cloves to taste (I use about 8-12 garlic cloves)
5) 1 kg/35 oz of chopped skinless tomatoes
6) 200 ml/7 fl oz of water
7) 100 ml/3.5 fl oz of vegetable oil

How to make pork brisket in the oven from scratch?

Pork Brisket Recipe with Tomato Sauce in the Oven

1) remove the skin from the brisket by using a sharp knife (optional)
2) make cuts between pork brisket ribs without separating them completely (cut about to the middle of the chunk)
3) make some crosscuts on the meat surface just like in the video (it can also be made on the skin) – this is an optional but recommended step
4) place brisket on a tray, then season it on both sides with salt or red pepper paste and ground black pepper to taste, rub well the meat to get the seasoning inside cuts
5) add some garlic cloves, then add chopped tomato to the tray over pork brisket
6) sprinkle some black peppercorn if you want to get a really spicy taste for the pork roast in the oven you are cooking
7) pour some water and vegetable oil into the tray, then cover it with foil
8) place the tray in the oven at about 170 C/340 F for about 1 hour
9) remove foil, put the tray back in the oven, and roast the pork brisket at the highest temperature until golden, flip the brisket 1-2 times to brown evenly, and leave it with the meaty part up at the end (recommended)
10) when the pork roast is ready, cut along brisket ribs to separate them into slices
11) serve brisket pork ribs with some tomato sauce added over the slice

Tips For The Pork Brisket Recipe

➡️ Pork brisket recipes are very popular in some European countries and especially in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, but less known in the UK, Canada, and some parts of the United States. This happens, probably, because people in these countries like leaner pork cuts or simply don’t know how to cook pork brisket properly.

➡️ Personally, I like this pork cut very much and it is, actually, one of the pork parts that I cook most often. There are lots of pork brisket recipes that I cook, including the one shared on this page. It is one of the best pork cuts for cooking roast pork, but also pork stew, pork meatballs, pork goulash, and so on.

➡️ The pork brisket recipe in the oven is definitely one of my favorite pork roast recipes. I cook brisket in many ways, but one of the most used recipes is that with tomato sauce.

➡️ Brisket ribs in the oven with tomato sauce is the perfect dish for any gourmet since the juicy pork roast is combined with the flavored tomato gravy and appetizing garlic aroma. Plus, there is the spicy black pepper influence, so you can imagine the feast awaiting you when you cook this pork brisket recipe!

➡️ To get the best result when cooking pork roast with brisket ribs is crucial to baking meat slowly at a medium-low temperature. By using low temperatures, meat has time both to soften and brown. So, you’ll enjoy perfect food with roasted pork with one of the cheapest but savoriest pig cut, the brisket!

➡️ The pork brisket recipe can be served with many side dishes. Some of my favorites are mashed potatoes, French fries, plain rice pilaf, and mushroom risotto. Obviously, you can try other combinations that you find a good match for this pork roast recipe.

➡️ If you’d like, you can serve both wine and beer along with this pork brisket recipe in the oven.

➡️ Enjoy cooking pork brisket in the oven with tomatoes from scratch!

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