Easy Deviled Eggs Recipe to Make Tuna Deviled Eggs

➡️ Looking for an easy deviled eggs recipe in 2022? On this page, you’ll find out how to make tuna deviled eggs without mayonnaise in 10 steps at home.

➡️ Using my easy deviled eggs recipe enables you to prepare cold tuna appetizers with hard-boiled eggs and spicy tuna paste.

➡️ Watch the cooking video below and learn how to make tuna deviled eggs using a yummy and easy cold appetizer recipe without mayonnaise!

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Video – How to Make Tuna Deviled Eggs without Mayonnaise

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What ingredients do you need to make tuna deviled eggs?

Hard-Boiled Eggs

1) 10 eggs
2) 200 g/7 oz of canned tuna in natural juice
3) 1/4 tsp of salt or to taste
4) 1/4 tsp of ground white pepper or to taste
5) 1/4 tsp of coriander powder or to taste
6) 1-2 tbsp of sour cream if necessary

How to make tuna deviled eggs from scratch?

Tuna Deviled Eggs

1) boil eggs until yolks are hard
2) wait to cool the eggs, then peel them off and cut them lengthwise into two equal parts
3) take yolks out from egg whites without breaking them
4) place egg yolks into a bowl and crush them with the fork
5) place canned tuna in another bowl and crush it with the fork
6) add tuna over egg yolks
7) add salt, pepper, and coriander powder to the bowl
8) combine ingredients by hand or mixer until you get a smooth paste (if the mixture is too dry, add a little sour cream to moisten it)
9) fill egg white halves up with the previously prepared tuna paste
10) put tuna stuffed eggs into the fridge for at least 1 hour (recommended)

Tips For The Tuna Deviled Eggs without Mayonnaise

➡️ Deviled eggs or stuffed eggs, no matter how do you want to call them, are, even today, some of the most appreciated cold appetizers. As a result, there are available lots of stuffed egg recipes with almost any imaginable ingredient.

➡️ I like deviled eggs very much, so it’s useless to say that stuffed eggs are almost always present on my Christmas table or at various parties. Many times I prepare them even for breakfast or I eat them as a snack to quench my hunger quickly.

➡️ As for the stuffing used to fill eggs up, it’s different from recipe to recipe and ranges from simple ingredients to very expensive ones. Some like to stuff eggs with liver pate, others like ham or bacon, mushroom, tuna paste, caviar, avocado, cheese cream, and so on.

➡️ There are many people who like stuffed eggs with mayonnaise, so most recipes feature this ingredient. However, there are enough people who like this kind of appetizer without mayonnaise for different reasons – maybe they want to eat healthier food, there are many other cold appetizers with mayonnaise on the table, or have some health issues.

➡️ Usually, I serve stuffed eggs on a separate platter at a party or festive dinner. In this way, they are much more visible and people can observe them quickly. Needless to say, if you lay eggs into mayonnaise it’s pretty hard to combine them with other appetizers. However, most often I garnish the platter that I’m going to use for serving with fresh aromatic herbs for a spectacular aspect and a more appetizing feel. Most often I use parsley or coriander leaves, but other herbs can be used as well on your choice.

➡️ This tuna deviled eggs recipe is really simple to make, it doesn’t require much time or many ingredients. Despite these things, this cold appetizer is really tasty, so don’t be surprised if it will disappear very quickly from the platter!

➡️ Finally, there are two important tips to follow when making stuffed eggs. One is to combine very well ingredients for stuffing to obtain a fine paste. Second, put the filled eggs into the fridge to cool a bit and have time for flavors to mix thoroughly.

➡️ Enjoy making tuna deviled eggs from scratch!

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