Homemade 8-Egg Sponge Cake Recipe

Vanilla Sponge Cake with 8 Eggs

Homemade 8-Egg Cake Recipe: Quick and Easy

My homemade cake is possibly the fluffiest 8-egg sponge cake recipe you’ve ever baked!

➡️ Are you searching for easy sponge cake recipes in 2024? On this webpage, you’ll discover how to make a homemade vanilla cake with 8 eggs. Preparing a base for a cake seems simple at first glance, and so it is but just if you use the CORRECT recipe! What does this mean? It means that the sponge cake recipe allows you to bake a fluffy dough, which will turn it into a soft and moist cake.

➡️ There are various sizes of baking trays for preparing a cake base. Most often I use a recipe with 8 eggs, which means that the resulting cake is large enough and can be sliced into 20-30 pieces. My easy cake recipe enables you to bake a fluffy cake with simple ingredients like vanilla extract, cake flour, and 8 eggs.

➡️ The preparation of my basic cake recipe is simple and only requires attention and following the indicated steps exactly. Learn how to make an 8-egg sponge cake from scratch using a yummy and easy homemade cake recipe!

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How to Make an 8-Egg Cake from Scratch

What ingredients do you need to make an 8-egg sponge cake?

Raw Eggs

1) 8 eggs
2) 8 tbsp of granulated sugar
3) 1 tsp of vanilla essence or vanilla extract
4) 8 tbsp of cold water
5) 8 tbsp of cake flour
6) 1 sachet of baking powder (10 g/0.35 oz)
7) a pinch of salt

How to make an 8-egg vanilla cake from scratch?

Vanilla Sponge Cake with 8 Eggs

1) break eggs and separate yolks and egg whites
2) place yolks into a bowl
3) add sugar over yolks, then stir ingredients by mixer until sugar is dissolved completely
4) add vanilla essence or vanilla extract, then mix ingredients again
5) add water and mix ingredients by hand
6) add flour and combine ingredients by hand
7) add baking powder and mix ingredients by hand
8) place egg whites into another bowl, add over them a pinch of salt, then whisk ingredients by mixer until hard
9) add gradually egg white to the first bowl and mix ingredients gently by hand with slow rotations from bottom to top until you get a smooth dough
10) flour a round mold or rectangular baking tray, then pour dough inside
11) shake the mold well to eliminate excess air from the dough
12) place mold into the preheated oven at 180 C/360 F and bake the dough until golden on top and the core is no more sticky (about 25-30 minutes)
13) take the mold out from the oven and wait to cool the cake to room temperature
14) use the sponge to prepare any torte or cake you like

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Final Notes for the 8-Egg Cake Recipe

➡️ Sponge cake is one of the most popular cake recipes worldwide. This is because many fruits, buttercream, or other cake types are prepared with a sponge cake base. A basic cake recipe is very easy to make: you just have to mix flour with egg and sugar and bake the ingredients, and the sponge cake is ready to turn into any sophisticated cake you can imagine!

➡️ The easy sponge cake recipe I share on this page is no exception to simplicity. It’s a classic sponge cake recipe adapted for 8 eggs. It has a size that fits my needs well and the cake you can make with it is pretty large, being enough for 10-20 people depending on the thickness of the slices you cut.

➡️ This sponge cake recipe can be used to make various fruit cakes or slice cakes. These types of homemade sponge cakes require usually a rectangular shape, so use a baking tray instead of a round mold when you make a sponge for such cake types.

➡️ Vanilla is the most often used flavor to make sponge cakes, but it can be prepared with another aroma like almond, lemon, mint, and so on. Sometimes, I include among ingredients walnut and chocolate, depending on the torte or cake I prepare.

➡️ You probably know already all things I wrote above, but what’s the secret to making a very fluffy sponge? Well, the answer is simple: patience and handwork. I saw many video tutorials showing you how to make Victoria sponge cake quickly only with a mixer. Maybe this is possible for a SMALL cake, but if you do the same with a larger amount of ingredients, your cake will be thick and sometimes even sticky inside, a sign that the cake didn’t grow correctly while baking.

➡️ So, to make a fluffy sponge cake you need to combine ingredients by hand from the point I’ve mentioned above because you’ll incorporate air into the composition when you mix ingredients slowly with rotation movements from bottom to top. And air, as you can guess, makes the sponge fluffy and elastic! Obviously, baking powder and temperatures are also important to make fluffy vanilla sponge cake, but handwork is crucial!

➡️ Enjoy baking an 8-egg cake recipe from scratch! Read more on sponge cake! Also, I recommend you other sponge cake recipes available on this website including homemade chocolate sponge cake, walnut sponge cake, pineapple cake roll, strawberry Swiss roll, old-fashioned plum cake with meringue topping, homemade strawberry cream cake, homemade pear chocolate cake, homemade chocolate cake with cherries, fresh cherry cake, strawberry Swiss roll, and more.

FAQs about Sponge Cake

What is sponge cake?

Sponge cake is a light and airy cake that is known for its fluffy texture and delicate taste. It is made using simple ingredients such as eggs, sugar, flour, and sometimes a touch of flavoring, like vanilla extract. Sponge cake gets its characteristic texture from the air that is incorporated into the batter during the mixing process.

How is sponge cake different from other types of cakes?

Sponge cake differs from other types of cakes, such as butter cakes or pound cakes, in its composition and texture. Unlike butter cakes that rely on butter for richness and density, sponge cake is made primarily with eggs, which provide the structure and leavening. Sponge cake has a lighter and more tender crumb, and it is often used as a base for layered cakes or desserts that require a light and spongy texture.

What are the key ingredients used in making sponge cake?

The key ingredients in sponge cake are eggs, sugar, flour, and flavoring. Some recipes may also include a small amount of baking powder or cream of tartar to help the cake rise. Depending on the variation, additional ingredients such as milk, butter, or oil may be added to enhance flavor and moistness.

How is sponge cake prepared?

Sponge cake is prepared by beating eggs and sugar together until they become light and fluffy. This step is crucial as it helps to incorporate air into the batter, giving the cake its characteristic texture. Flour and any additional dry ingredients are then folded into the egg mixture, being careful not to deflate the air bubbles. The batter is poured into a cake pan and baked until it rises, turns golden, and springs back when lightly touched.

Can I make sponge cake without an electric mixer?

Yes, you can make sponge cake without an electric mixer. While an electric mixer makes the process easier and quicker, you can achieve similar results by using a whisk or even a wooden spoon. It may require more effort and time to beat the eggs and sugar to the desired consistency, but it is possible to make a sponge cake by hand.

How can I add flavor to sponge cake?

Sponge cake can be flavored in various ways. The most common flavoring is vanilla extract, which adds a subtle and pleasant taste. However, you can experiment with other extracts such as almond, lemon, or orange to create different flavor profiles. Additionally, you can incorporate citrus zest, spices, or even cocoa powder to give the sponge cake a unique and delicious taste.

Can I make a gluten-free sponge cake?

Yes, it is possible to make a gluten-free sponge cake by using gluten-free flour blends or alternative flours such as almond flour, rice flour, or tapioca flour. Keep in mind that different gluten-free flours may yield slightly different textures, so it may require some experimentation to achieve the desired results. It is also important to ensure that all other ingredients used are gluten-free.

Can I make a sponge cake in advance?

Yes, you can make a sponge cake in advance. Sponge cake stays moist for a few days if stored properly. Once the cake has completely cooled, you can wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or store it in an airtight container. It is best to keep the cake at room temperature to maintain its texture. However, if you plan to store it for longer, you can refrigerate it, but allow it to come to room temperature before serving.

Can I freeze sponge cake?

Yes, sponge cake can be frozen for longer-term storage. To freeze the cake, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and place it in a freezer-safe container or bag. It is recommended to freeze the cake without any frosting or glaze. Thaw the cake in the refrigerator overnight before serving, and you can add any desired frosting or decorations afterward.

How is sponge cake typically served?

Sponge cake can be enjoyed in various ways. It can be served plain, dusted with powdered sugar, or paired with fresh fruits and whipped cream for a light and refreshing dessert. It is also commonly used as a base for layered cakes, where it can be filled and frosted with creams, jams, or buttercream. Additionally, sponge cake slices can be served alongside tea or coffee as a delightful treat.

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