Vegetable Beef Soup with Sauerkraut - Easy Beef Soup Recipe
Vegetable Beef Soup with Sauerkraut – Easy Beef Soup Recipe

Homemade vegetable beef soup recipes – easy vegetable beef soup with sauerkraut. Hearty beef soup recipe with cabbage to cook homemade vegetable soup with simple and tasty ingredients like beef, sauerkraut, potatoes, and vegetables.

Learn in this video how to make vegetable beef soup from scratch by using a yummy and hearty soup recipe!

SUPER YUMMY homemade food recipe by!

ENJOY beef vegetable soup recipe from scratch! 👌

Vegetable beef soup with sauerkraut – video 📺

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What ingredients do I need to make homemade vegetable beef soup with sauerkraut? ❓

1) 2 kg / 70 oz piece of beef (I recommend using chuck roast, chuck shoulder, chuck-eye roast or top chuck)
2) water for boiling
3) 1.5 kg /52 oz of sour cabbage
4) 1 yellow onion
5) 2 kg / 70 oz of carrot and parsnip root cut into larger sticks
6) salt and black peppercorns to taste
7) 2-3 dried bay leaves
8) 2 tbsp of sweet paprika
9) 500 g / 18 oz of potatoes, cut into larger cubes
10) pickled chili peppers for serving (optional)

How to make vegetable beef soup with sauerkraut from scratch? ❓

1) put beef into a high pot
2) fill the pot up with water and boil the meat over low temperature about an hour or until the beef is partly tender, remove several times the foam rising to the soup top with a spoon
3) wedge sour cabbage and place it into a large pot
4) peel root vegetables off, cut them into sticks, then add them into the pot together with the peeled onion
5) season with salt and pepper to taste (check before the sour cabbage, if it’s salty enough don’t put salt!)
6) add bay leaves and paprika into the pot
7) take the meat out from the stock and cut it into larger cubes
8) pour the beef stock through a sieve over vegetables, then add the meat pieces
9) fill the pot with warm water if necessary, then boil the vegetable beef soup over low temperature until all ingredients are pretty soft
10) peel potatoes off, cube them into medium-sized pieces, then add them into the pot and boil for about 25 minutes more
11) when potatoes are soft, stop the heat and wait about 15 minutes before serving (recommended)

Cooking tips about vegetable beef soup with sauerkraut recipe 🔎

Beef soup is without any doubt one of the most popular soup recipes in the US, UK, Canada, and many other countries.

There are, probably, tens of beef soup recipes with various ingredients. Many of them include vegetables, fresh or pickled.

One of the vegetable beef soup recipes that I really love features sauerkraut, known also as pickled cabbage. Therefore, I cook this soup very often and especially in the cold season.

This beef vegetable soup with sauerkraut is actually an old fashioned Hungarian beef soup that I like cooking especially during winter because it’s very nourishing and warms the body up after coming into the house from the cold.

To cook this soup, you can use different beef cuts, as mentioned before in the ingredients section.

However, I recommend using some bone-in beef cuts. I like to use such cuts because the meat is juicier. As a result, boiled meat will be tender and easy to eat.

Needless to say, you can remove the bone after the soup is ready and serve it just with juicy meat pieces.

The soup is very nourishing, so you don’t need to eat anything after serving it.

Because of the many spices and flavored ingredients, the homemade vegetable beef soup with sauerkraut is very tasty.

Additionally, I recommend you eat it with pickled chili peppers. In this way, the taste will simply explode in your mouth!

To get perfect results, boil the soup over very low temperatures because in this way the meat will be extremely tender and juicy.

If the sour cabbage you are going to use is very salty, put it before you cook it in cold water for about one or two hours, then drain the salty water off.

I recommend cooking this vegetable beef soup with sauerkraut in larger quantities to get the best results, just like me. You can store the remaining amount in the freezer and use it any time you want to enjoy a super delicious soup!

Enjoy the homemade vegetable beef soup with sauerkraut!

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