Lettuce Salad Recipe with Yogurt Dressing

Simple lettuce salad recipes with Greek yogurt – how to make lettuce salad with yogurt dressing from scratch in 4 steps at home.

Easy green salad recipe to prepare lettuce with simple and tasty ingredients like healthy yogurt dressing and garlic.

View this video about how to make lettuce salad with yogurt by using a healthy salad recipe with Greek yogurt dressing!

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Lettuce salad with yogurt dressing – video ?

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What ingredients do I need to make lettuce with yogurt dressing? ❓

1) 200 g/7 oz of fresh lettuce
2) 4-6 tbsp of Greek yogurt (at least 10% fat)
3) some salt to taste
4) 2-3 garlic cloves or 1/2 tsp of garlic powder
5) some ground white pepper to taste (optional)
6) 100 g/3.5 oz of greenery (dill, chives or green onions)

How to make lettuce salad with yogurt from scratch? ❓

Lettuce Salad Recipe with Yogurt Dressing

1) cut lettuce into thin strips by the knife, then place it into a bowl
2) add yogurt and season the green salad with some salt to taste
3) crush garlic cloves, add it to the bowl, then combine ingredients very well
4) sprinkle over lettuce some ground white pepper and some chopped greenery like chives, green onions or dill (optional), then serve this salad with yogurt immediately

Cooking tips about lettuce salad recipe with Greek yogurt ?

Lettuce is one of the most appetizing vegetables, so it’s included in many salad recipes.

Lettuce with yogurt dressing is one of the tastiest green salad recipes in my opinion. The freshness of lettuce combines very well with delicious yogurt taste and spicy garlic aroma, so this fresh vegetable salad has a wonderful savor!

Those who like buttercream can replace yogurt with buttercream dressing.

Lettuce salad recipe with buttercream or yogurt is usually served along with different main dishes containing roast meat, but you can enjoy it along with cold appetizers or even plain during summertime when the high temperatures cut your appetite off and everyone needs something light to eat.

This salad is very refreshing and gives you enough energy to accomplish your tasks along the day!

Needless to say, the salad with yogurt dressing is excellent for a frugal dinner too!

Enjoy lettuce salad with Greek yogurt dressing!

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