Homemade Skinless Sausages

➡️ Are you looking for the best homemade skinless sausage recipes in 2023? On this site, you’ll find out how to make grilled sausage or skinless sausages with beef and pork from scratch in 10 steps at home. Have you never heard of skinless sausages? They are sausages without casing and are very popular in some European countries including Romania.

➡️ Homemade skinless sausages can be made with different combinations of minced meat. I’m sharing one of the most popular Romanian skinless sausage recipes, namely the one that contains both pork and beef. So, my easy sausage recipe helps you make homemade skinless sausages with simple and tasty ingredients like ground beef and ground pork.

➡️ Crafting any homemade skinless sausage recipe is an activity that I make with great pleasure both because I like these sausages very much and because their preparation is very simple. Watch the cooking video below and learn how to make skinless sausages from scratch using a yummy and easy homemade sausage recipe!

The Magic Story of Making Skinless Sausages at Home

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Video – How to Make Homemade Skinless Sausages with Beef and Pork from Scratch

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What ingredients do you need to make homemade skinless sausages?

Ground Pork

1) 2.5 kg /88 oz of minced beef
2) 1.5 kg/52 oz of minced pork
3) 2 garlic heads or to taste
4) salt and ground black pepper
5) 1 tbsp of dried thyme
6) 1 tbsp of allspice
7) 6 tbsp of sweet paprika (you can replace it totally or partly with spicy paprika)
8) 2 tbsp of food bicarbonate
9) 2×100 ml/3.5 fl oz of cold water
10) between 100-200 g/3.5-7 oz of pork lard at room temperature

How to make homemade skinless sausages from scratch?

Homemade Skinless Sausages

1) put mincemeat into a large bowl
2) very finely chop or crush garlic, then add it to the bowl
3) season with salt and black pepper to taste (I recommend 2 tbsp of salt and 1 tbsp of black pepper)
4) flavor the skinless sausage by adding thyme and allspice
5) add paprika and food bicarbonate
6) add a little cold water and a quantity of pork lard depending on how fat is the minced meat is, then combine the ingredients very well by hand
7) cover the bowl with foil and put it into the fridge until the next day
8) add again some cold water and combine thoroughly the minced mixture
9) make sausages of the desired size (I recommend medium-sized sausages for optimal frying)
10) fry the homemade skinless sausages in the oven or on the gas or coal grill until are evenly browned

What is a sausage?

➡️ A sausage is a type of meat product made from ground meat, spices, and other flavorings. It’s usually encased in a casing, which can be made from natural materials such as intestine, or artificial materials such as cellulose. However, there are also sausage varieties without casing. Sausages can be cooked in a variety of ways, such as grilled, fried, or baked.

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What are skinless sausages?

➡️ Sausage casing is a thin, tubular membrane that encases raw meat, typically used to make elongated, log-shaped sausages. However, fresh sausage can be made without a casing, though it is most often used in cured sausage. The steps for making skinless sausages are the same as making sausages with casings, with the exception of shaping the sausage. When making skinless sausage, there is no need to stuff the mixture into casings.

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What is mititei or mici?

➡️ Mici, also known as mititei, is a sausage type without casing that originates from Romania. They are grilled ground meat rolls with a cylindrical shape made from a mixture of pork, beef, or lamb in different combinations with spices like garlic, black pepper, thyme, coriander, anise, savory, and sometimes mild paprika. The mixture also contains sodium bicarbonate and beef broth or water. It’s comparable to ćevapi and other dishes made with ground meat found in the Balkans and the Middle East.

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PRO Tips For The Homemade Skinless Sausage Recipe Mititei or Mici

➡️ Sausages without casing or skinless sausages belong to the most popular food recipes in several East European and Balkan countries. Cevapi or cevapcici are popular all over the Balkans and there are lots of recipes prepared with pork, beef, and sheep mince in different combinations.

➡️ The recipe for these homemade skinless sausages is not based on a Serbian cevapi sausage recipe, as many would think, but on a Romanian mici or mititei recipe. There are large differences between the used spices. In addition, the use of food bicarbonate is specific only to Romanian mititei or mici.

➡️ Romanian mititei or mici are grilled ground meat rolls. Generally, this sausage type is made of a combination of pork, beef, and lamb, but some recipes call just pork or a combination of pork and beef. The most often-used spices include garlic, black pepper, and thyme, but you’ll find recipes that feature other flavors as well, just like this one. Whichever is the used combination of ground meat and spices, Romanian skinless sausages are extremely delicious! This is the reason why mititei are so popular throughout the country!

➡️ To get the best results when making skinless sausages, there is very important to wait until the next day to grill them. In this way, the meat has enough time to combine with spices. Also, it’s very important to make medium-sized sausages. If they are too large the core remains raw, while if they are too small the sausages will the burned and dry inside. Another important thing when grilling skinless sausages is to flip them often, especially when you grill them on coal.

➡️ The homemade skinless sausages are usually served plain, just with mustard and bread, sometimes with ketchup or Romanian cold garlic sauce called mujdei. Needless to say, these sausages can be served with various side dishes such as fries, mashed potatoes, and so on.

➡️ When the weather is bad or you can’t grill, you can roast the sausages in the oven, yet they are better when you roast them on the coal grill because of the smoky taste combined with the aromatic spices.

➡️ Enjoy making homemade skinless sausages from scratch!

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