Authentic Hungarian Semolina Dumplings Recipe for Soup

Authentic Hungarian Semolina Dumplings for Soup

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Authentic Hungarian Semolina Dumplings for Soup

Authentic Hungarian Semolina Dumplings for Soup

Authentic Hungarian Semolina Dumplings for Soup are a delightful and cherished addition to Hungary's culinary heritage. These dumplings, crafted from semolina flour, exhibit the simplicity and warmth that Hungarian cuisine is known for. They offer a beautiful textural contrast and subtle, satisfying flavor to the country's beloved soups.
In this recipe, we'll unravel the art of making these dumplings, preserving the authentic techniques that have been cherished for generations. Whether you're recreating a cherished family recipe or discovering Hungarian cuisine for the first time, these dumplings are your gateway to the heart and soul of Hungarian soups. So, prepare your ingredients, as we venture into the enchanting world of Hungary's culinary traditions.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Hungarian
Servings 6 servings


  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp sunflower oil
  • 8 tbsp semolina flour (durum wheat flour)
  • a pinch of salt


  • break the eggs into a bowl, then beat them up with a fork until smooth and season with some salt to taste.
  • add the sunflower oil, semolina, and a pinch of salt, then combine the ingredients by hand until you get a very smooth dough.
  • warm the broth until it starts bubbling, then reduce the temperature.
  • take a spoon and place small dough pieces of the size of about half a tablespoon in the broth.
  • wait to rise the semolina dumplings to the soup's surface, this is the sign they start to become soft, then boil them for about 5 minutes more or until fluffy.
  • cover the pot with a lid and wait about 15 minutes before serving to get very fluffy dumplings (recommended.)


Cooking Tips for the Best Results:

  1. Use High-Quality Semolina Flour: The key to tender and authentic Hungarian semolina dumplings lies in the quality of semolina flour. Choose a high-quality semolina with a fine texture for the best results.
  2. Mind Your Dough Texture: Pay close attention to the texture of the dumpling dough. It should be soft but not overly sticky. If the dough is too sticky, you can add a touch more semolina; if it’s too dry, a small amount of liquid should be gently mixed in. Achieving the right texture is crucial for forming dumplings that hold their shape and provide the desired taste and mouthfeel.
  3. Mix Gently, but Thoroughly: When combining the semolina and liquid, mix gently to avoid overworking the dough, which can result in tough dumplings. However, make sure the mixture is thoroughly incorporated to prevent lumps.
  4. Let the Dough Rest: Allow the dumpling dough to rest for at least 30 minutes before shaping and cooking. This resting period allows the semolina to fully absorb the liquid, resulting in softer and more flavorful dumplings.
  5. Use Boiling Soup: When adding the dumplings to your soup, make sure the soup is at a rolling boil. Drop in small portions of the dumpling mixture using a wet spoon to prevent sticking, and cook until they rise to the surface. This ensures that the dumplings cook evenly and maintain their shape.

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FAQs about the Hungarian Semolina Dumplings Recipe

Can I use regular wheat flour instead of semolina flour for these dumplings?

While you can use wheat flour in a pinch, it’s best to stick with semolina flour for the most authentic results. Semolina flour provides the characteristic texture and flavor that make Hungarian dumplings special.

How do I know when the dumplings are fully cooked in the soup?

Dumplings are ready when they rise to the surface of the boiling soup. This usually takes about 5-10 minutes. Be sure not to overcook them, as they can become mushy.

Can I freeze the dumplings for later use?

Yes, you can freeze the uncooked dumplings. Shape them and place them on a tray, ensuring they don’t touch. Once frozen, transfer them to a resealable bag or airtight container. Cook them directly from the freezer into the boiling soup, adding a couple of extra minutes to the cooking time.

My dumplings turned out too dense. How can I make them lighter and fluffier next time?

To achieve lighter dumplings, ensure the dough is not overmixed, and the resting time is followed. Also, make sure not to compact the dough when shaping the dumplings. They should be light and airy.

What are the best soups to pair with these Hungarian semolina dumplings?

These dumplings pair wonderfully with Hungarian classics like chicken soup, tomato soup, and bean soup, but they can complement various broths and stews. Feel free to experiment with different soups to find your favorite combination.

➡️ Enjoy the Hungarian semolina dumplings recipe from scratch! For additional info, read more about different dumpling types here.



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