Greek Marinated Chicken Skewers

➡️ Searching for easy chicken kebab recipes in 2022? On this website, you’ll find out how to make marinated chicken skewers on the grill from scratch in 10 steps at home!

➡️ Using my easy chicken skewers recipe will enable you to prepare Greek kebabs with simple and tasty ingredients like boneless chicken breast and delicious marinade without yogurt.

➡️ Watch the cooking video below and learn how to make Greek kebabs from scratch in the oven or on the BBQ grill using a yummy and easy marinated chicken skewers recipe in the Greek style!

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Video – How to Make Greek Chicken Kebabs without Yogurt

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What ingredients do you need to make marinated chicken skewers?

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Fillet

1) 2 kg/70 oz of chicken breast
2) 1 small red onion (20 g/0.7 oz)
3) salt and ground black pepper to taste
4) 1/2 tsp of rosemary leaves or dried rosemary
5) 1/2 tsp of tarragon leaves or dried tarragon (you can use thyme instead)
6) 1/2 tsp of citronella leaves or the juice from a lemon
7) 2 tbsp of olive oil

How to make marinated chicken skewers from scratch?

Greek Marinated Chicken Skewers

1) remove the bone and skin from the chicken breast, then dice it into medium-sized pieces
2) peel the onion off, then chop it finely
3) place the chicken breast into a bowl and add over it chopped onions
4) season food with salt and pepper to taste
5) finely chop aromatic herb leaves and squeeze juice from the lemon, then add them into the bowl
6) pour olive oil into the bowl, then combine the ingredients very well
7) cover the bowl with foil and place it into the fridge for at least 1 hour to marinate the chicken breast (recommended)
8) take the bowl out from the fridge and remove the foil
9) place some meat pieces on skewers side by side but leave some space on both ends of the skewers so you can pick them up by hand
10) fry the Greek chicken kebabs on the gas or coal grill or even in the oven

Tips For The Greek Marinated Chicken Skewers Recipe

➡️ Grilled chicken is, probably, one of the oldest chicken recipes all over the world. Roasting meat pieces on skewers is a very natural way to cook meat, so it’s not surprising at all that this method appeared when the hominids began to prepare food on fire. Even today, making skewers remained a pleasure for the modern man! I think there are very few people who don’t like fried meat directly on charcoal.

➡️ Chicken skewers, chicken kebabs, or chicken kabobs, as they are named in some parts of the world, are at the top of preferences when it comes to this kind of food. As a result, there are available lots of marinade recipes for grilled chicken.

➡️ For sure, each one of us has a preferred chicken kebab recipe. To be honest, I like any type of chicken skewer, generally speaking, but Greek kabobs have a special place in my top of preferences.

➡️ However, the recipe that I share in this video is very suitable for the torrid summer days. This is because chicken meat is easier to digest when is very warm, the kebabs are ready very quickly, and everything can be done outdoors, so you won’t heat up your kitchen.

➡️ Chicken skewers can be served plain, maybe just with a fresh vegetable salad on the side. Of course, there are different side dishes that fit very well with grilled chicken. Some of them are mashed potatoes, cold potato salad, fries, cold green bean salad, and others.

➡️ Enjoy making Jamaican coleslaw salad from scratch!

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