Quick and Easy Deviled Eggs with Liver Pate

➡️ Searching for cold appetizer recipes in 2022? On this webpage, you’ll find out how to make easy deviled eggs with liver pate from scratch in 12 steps at home.

➡️ Using my quick and easy cold appetizers recipe enables you to prepare quick deviled eggs with simple and tasty ingredients like spicy liver pate and mayonnaise sauce.

➡️ Watch the cooking video below and learn how to make a quick and easy deviled eggs recipe with liver pate from scratch by using a yummy and easy cold appetizer recipe!

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Video – How to Make Easy Deviled Eggs with Liver Pate

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What ingredients do you need to make easy deviled eggs with liver pate?

Hard-Boiled Eggs

1) 10 eggs
2) 300 g/10 oz of liver pate, canned or homemade
3) 4-6 tbsp of double cream with 12% fat
4) fine salt and ground white pepper
5) 1 tsp of dried marjoram
6) 200 ml/7 fl oz of mayonnaise, bought or homemade (view how to make mayonnaise at home)
7) 1/4 tsp of granulated sugar
8) 1 tbsp of fine classic mustard such as Dijon mustard (you can use spicy mustard for a more pungent taste)

How to make deviled eggs with liver pate from scratch?

Quick and Easy Deviled Eggs with Liver Pate

1) boil eggs in salted water until yolks are hard, wait to cool, then peel eggs off and cut them lengthwise into two equal parts
2) remove yolk with a teaspoon so that egg whites remain whole
3) crush yolks with a fork until you get a paste
4) add liver paste over crushed yolks
5) put 2-3 tablespoons of cream in the bowl, then season it with salt and pepper to taste
6) add a teaspoon of dried marjoram (other herbs can be used such as thyme, sage, oregano, rosemary, allspice)
6) mix ingredients very well, preferably by mixer or with a kitchen robot to get a very fine paste, with no trace of egg yolk
7) fill egg white halves with the previously prepared paste
8) put mayonnaise in a bowl
9) add 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream, a little sugar, season with salt and pepper to taste, then add mustard and mix the ingredients well
10) pour mayonnaise sauce on a deeper platter, then lay over eggs stuffed with liver paste
11) garnish the eggs and platter with some greenery to taste
12) put the stuffed eggs in the fridge for at least 1 hour before serving (recommended)

Tips For The Easy Deviled Eggs Recipe with Liver Pate

➡️ Deviled eggs are among the most famous cold appetizer recipes and the one shared on this page is extremely tasty and very easy to make. These hard-boiled eggs filled with pate can be prepared with both pork and chicken pate. The pate can be flavored with other aromatic plants besides the marjoram, such as thyme, sage, oregano, rosemary, or allspice.

➡️ I like to serve these easy deviled eggs laid in a mayonnaise sauce. This is because the creamy consistency of the mayonnaise fits very well with the liver pate and makes this appetizer more tasty and appealing.

➡️ Anyone who doesn’t like mayonnaise sauce can simply use mayonnaise from the store or even seasoned double cream. However, the mayonnaise cream sauce will give to recipe an extra refinement note!

➡️ However, you can prepare and serve this easy deviled eggs recipe without mayonnaise or any other sauce. Just place some stuffed eggs on a platter and garnish them with some greenery and you’re ready to go!

➡️ The recipe for the easy deviled eggs recipe with liver pate is a classic cold appetizer recipe that everyone in my family enjoys! So, when you prepare this type of appetizer, you probably will not fail and your guests or family will appreciate them.

➡️ Enjoy making easy deviled eggs from scratch!

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