German Walnut Cake (Walnut Beigli)

➡️ Searching for the best homemade walnut roll cake recipes in 2022? On this page, you can learn how to make German walnut cake or walnut beigli in 18 steps at home.

➡️ Use this easy walnut cake recipe to make a German cake with walnuts and more simple and tasty ingredients for Christmas, Easter, and any other events.

➡️ Learn in the video below how to make a walnut roll cake from scratch using a traditional walnut beigli recipe from Germany!

ENJOY baking German walnut cake from scratch! 👌
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Video – How To Make German Walnut Cake

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What ingredients do you need to make German walnut cake?

Ground Walnut Core

1) 3 cups of all-purpose flour
2) 1 cup + 8 tbsp of granulated sugar
3) 1 cup of pork lard at room temperature
4) zest from a lemon
5) 10 g/0.35 oz of baking powder
6) 10 g/0.35 oz of dried yeast
7) 250 ml/9 fl oz + 200 ml/7 fl oz of cold cow milk
8) 2 eggs
9) 400 g/14 oz of ground walnut core
10) 2 tbsp of semolina
11) some caster sugar for garnishing

How to make German walnut cake from scratch?

German Walnut Cake (Walnut Beigli)

1) put the flour into a larger bowl, then add 1 cup of sugar and pork lard
2) grate zest from a lemon in the bowl
3) put baking powder and yeast in 250 ml/9 fl oz of milk, then combine well the ingredients until everything is dissolved and wait about 5 minutes
4) in the meantime, combine ingredients from the bowl by rubbing them just like in the video
5) break and add one egg and the milk into the bowl, then combine again ingredients
6) when the dough is smooth, flour a worktop, place dough on it, and knead it for 1-2 minutes
7) divide the dough into 3 equal parts and stretch them into sheets with a length that fits into the tray you are using
8) boil 200 ml/7 fl oz of cow milk, then add 8 tbsp of sugar and stir to dissolve it
9) when the sweetened milk is bubbling, add ground walnut core gradually while stirring energetically
10) add semolina and combine well ingredients until you get a smooth walnut cream
11) wait until the walnut cream cools to room temperature
12) place about 1/3 of the walnut cream filling over a dough sheet into a thin layer, just like in the video
13) roll the dough sheet and fill as tight as possible, then seal the ends
14) place the German walnut cake into a baking-paper coated tray, then continue identically with the remaining dough sheets and walnut filling
15) break one egg into a glass and beat it up by fork, then brush the walnut beigli all over
16) place the tray in the preheated oven at 180 C/360 F and wait until the homemade walnut cake is golden on top and sides
17) take the tray out from the oven and wait until the cake is completely cold before slicing it up as desired
18) sprinkle over this ground walnut cake abundant caster sugar (optional)

Tips For The Walnut Beigli Recipe

➡️ This old-fashioned walnut cake is very popular not only in Germany but also in several countries in Central and Eastern Europe, including Hungary, where it is called walnut beigli.

➡️ Actually, walnut beigli is a version of the authentic German poppy seed cake named Mohnstrietzel.

➡️ Both walnut and poppy seed beigli are usually prepared in the winter and especially at Christmas when they are found on almost any table. This is at least the case in homes where the holiday season is traditionally celebrated.

➡️ However, due to its popularity, beigli is baked not only for Christmas but also for Easter and at any other time during the cold months.

➡️ German nut cake is usually served simply as a dessert with or without tea or coffee. In addition, walnut beigli is very tasty along with milk, so it is often served for breakfast in this combination.

➡️ Enjoy baking German walnut roll cake from scratch!

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