Hungarian Home Fries

Easy Hungarian home fries recipe 2022 – how to make cottage fries in 8 steps at home just like in Hungary.

Easy home fries recipe for cooking cottage fries with simple seasonings like garlic and sweet paprika.

Learn in this cooking video how to make home fries from scratch using a yummy and easy cottage fries recipe in the Hungarian style!

SUPER YUMMY homemade fries recipe by!

ENJOY cooking Hungarian home fries from scratch! 👌
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👌 How to cook home fries from scratch – video 📺

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➡️ What ingredients do you need to make home fries? ❓


1) 1 kg/35 oz of potatoes
2) some salt to taste
3) 100 ml/3.5 fl oz of vegetable oil or 2-3 tbsp of pork lard
4) 1 tsp of garlic powder or 1-2 garlic cloves, crushed or grated
5) 1 tsp of sweet paprika

➡️ How do you make home fries from scratch? ❓

Authentic Cottage Fries (Home Fries Recipe)

1) boil potatoes with the skin on in salted water until soft
2) take potatoes out from the water, wait to cool a bit to avoid hand burning, then peel them off
3) cut potatoes into medium-sized slices (about 1 finger width) or into medium-sized cubes
4) place potatoes into a frying skillet, add more salt if necessary, then put over some vegetable oil or pork lard
5) place the skillet on the stovetop over high temperature and fry potatoes until golden on the bottom (DON’T MIX THEM UNTIL AREN’T FRIED!)
6) flip potatoes and fry them evenly on the other side
7) take potatoes out from the skillet and drain well the oil or lard
8) sprinkle over cottage fries the garlic powder or fresh garlic cloves, then the sweet paprika, just before serving

➡️ What are home fries? ❓

Did You Know That?

“Home fries, house fries, American fries, fried potatoes, Bratkartoffeln, bistro potatoes, or peasant potatoes are a type of basic potato dish made by pan- or skillet-frying chunked, sliced, wedged or diced potatoes that are sometimes unpeeled and may have been par-cooked by boiling, baking, steaming, or microwaving. They are sometimes served as a substitute for hash browns.
Home fries (or fried potatoes) are often paired with onions.
In North America, home fries are popular as a breakfast side dish.[3]
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➡️ What are the health benefits of eating potatoes? ⚕️

Healthy Diet -Did You Know the Health Benefits?

“Potatoes are a good source of fiber, which can help you lose weight by keeping you full longer. Fiber can help prevent heart disease by keeping cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check. Potatoes are also full of antioxidants that work to prevent diseases and vitamins that help your body function properly.
In addition, potatoes can provide the following health benefits:
Digestive Health
The fiber found in potatoes is a special type called “resistant starch,” which has the health benefits of both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber and causes less gas than other types of fiber. You can up the amount of resistant starch in potatoes by cooking them a day ahead of time and cooling them in the fridge overnight. Feel free to reheat them before you eat.
Like soluble fiber, the resistant starch in potatoes acts as a prebiotic – food for good bacteria in the large intestine that improves gut health. Like insoluble fiber, it can prevent or treat constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.”
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➡️ Cooking tips about the Hungarian home fries recipe 🔎

Potatoes are, without a doubt, vegetables preferred by many people. Therefore, potato recipes are numerous in all countries where this vegetable of American origin is grown and consumed.

Among the favorite recipes with potatoes are definitely fried potatoes both in the pan and in the oven.

Most of you know about French-style fries, which the Belgians seem to have actually invented. The controversy is still alive today and both countries claim the credit for inventing the French fries recipe that conquered the planet.

I will not enter into this controversy because on this page I offer you a recipe for cottage fries or home fries, doesn’t matter how do you name them, from Hungary.

The country-style recipe involves cooking potatoes in 2 stages, namely first boiling them and then frying them in hot oil or lard.

This technique is used because, by boiling them in their skins, the potatoes do not absorb much oil during frying. In addition, on the outside, they have a golden and crunchy crust and on the inside, they are soft and fluffy.

This combination is very tasty and fits perfectly with any type of roast and especially with roasted pork cuts such as pork neck (Boston butt), pork ribs, bone-in pork loin, and so on.

Other types of roasts fit this home fries recipe and I’m thinking especially of roast turkey, stuffed duck, or baked chicken.

As for the flavors used in this home fries recipe in the pan, they are typically Hungarian. Paprika is a spice that in Hungary is used in almost any food, so it could not be missing from cottage fries. By the way, if you like spicy food, you can use hot paprika instead of sweet.

Garlic is also widely used and in large quantities, so it offers an aroma that you will find in most Hungarian foods.

Besides the roasted meat, I recommend serving it along with these cottage fries pickles or a vegetable salad such as raw cabbage salad with vinegar – you will enjoy a real culinary feast!

Do not forget, to serve these potatoes while they are hot, especially if you fried them in pork or duck lard (if you don’t like pork).

Enjoy the Hungarian home fries recipe!

More information about making home fries is available here.

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