Hungarian Plum Dumplings

➡️ Looking for the best homemade dumplings recipes in 2022? On this webpage, you can learn how to make Hungarian plum dumplings in 15 steps at home.

➡️ Use my traditional Szilvás gombóc recipe to cook authentic Hungarian plum dumplings with simple and tasty ingredients to enjoy a delicious dessert or main dish.

➡️ Learn in the cooking video below how to make Hungarian plum dumplings from scratch using a yummy and easy homemade plum dumplings recipe!

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Video – How to Make Hungarian Plum Dumplings

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What ingredients do you need for Hungarian plum dumplings?

Fresh Plums

1) 1,2 kg/42 oz of potatoes
2) 6 tbsp of semolina
3) 2 eggs
4) 500-600 g/18-21 oz of all-purpose flour
5) about 20 middle-sized plums, seedless
6) 1-2 tbsp of sunflower oil
7) 50 g/1.7 oz of butter
8) 200 g/7 oz of fine-grained breadcrumbs
9) 1 tbsp of granulated sugar
10) 1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder or to taste
11) some powdered vanilla sugar for serving

How to make Hungarian plum dumplings from scratch?

Hungarian Plum Dumplings

1) boil potatoes in salty water, then peel them off and crush them while are still lukewarm until you get a mash
2) spread potatoes into a layer, sprinkle them with semolina all over, then wait to cool to room temperature (VERY IMPORTANT!)
3) break eggs over potatoes, then mix ingredients thoroughly
4) gradually add flour to potatoes while kneading until you get a smooth, fluffy, and elastic dough that is no more sticky
5) break a dough piece of about a spoon size, spread it, place a seedless plum in the middle, then tighten the dough into the palm and press it gently to get a sealed dumpling
6) continue in the same way with the rest of the ingredients
7) place water into a high pot, add some salt and oil, then wait until starts to boil
8) add dumplings into the water one by one and wait to rise to the surface (DO NOT MIX THEM!)
9) meanwhile, place butter into a skillet and wait to melt over a high temperature
10) add breadcrumbs into the skillet and fry them until golden while stirring continuously to avoid burning (1-2 minutes)
11) while frying, add sugar and cinnamon to breadcrumbs
12) after dumplings rose to the surface, take them out from the water, drain them and place them into the fried breadcrumbs prepared previously
13) cover dumplings with bread crumbs all over until you get a thin coating
14) place 2-3 dumplings on a plate and sprinkle them powdered vanilla sugar to taste
15) serve Hungarian plum dumplings while still warm

Tips for The Hungarian Plum Dumplings Recipe

➡️ When it comes to Hungarian plum dumplings, many would include them in their cake recipes because they consider it a dessert. However, in Hungary, a significant number of people eat plum dumplings as their main dish, not as a dessert.

➡️ Making plum dumplings is easy if you know a few basic cooking tips to avoid mistakes and spoil your work in the kitchen.

➡️ The first tip is to use winter potatoes that contain a lot of amide and a little water. New potatoes aren’t good to make dumplings of any kind!

➡️ Second, after boiling, mash the potatoes well and wait for them to cool completely before adding the eggs. If the potatoes are still warm, the dough will not be fluffy and elastic, but rather gummy and thick!

➡️ Third, use juicy and ripe plums. Fresh plums are best, but you can still use frozen or canned plums if you don’t have fresh fruit on hand. In the plum season, I usually put bags of plums in the freezer to make dumplings in the winter. The end result is almost the same as the fresh plum version.

➡️ Another useful tip for this recipe is to boil the dumplings in a large amount of water. This prevents the dumplings from sticking together and boiling properly, respectively from rising to the surface when ready to serve.

➡️ Finally, fry the breadcrumbs until lightly browned, not brown. When the color is brown, the breadcrumbs are already burnt and have a bitter taste.

➡️ And the last tip – serve the Hungarian plum dumplings while they are hot and sprinkle them with plenty of vanilla powdered sugar to enjoy the best flavors!

➡️ Enjoy making Hungarian plum dumplings from scratch!

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