Authentic Hungarian Chicken Paprikash with Dumplings {Csirkepaprikás}

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash with Dumplings

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash Recipe: Csirkepaprikás

My authentic Hungarian paprikash (csirkepaprikás) is one of the most delicious Hungarian chicken recipes you ever cooked!

➡️ Authentic Hungarian chicken paprikash with dumplings (csirkepaprikás) is an easy chicken stew recipe that Hungarians simply love and therefore cook very often throughout the year.

➡️ One of the simplest Hungarian paprikash recipes allows you to cook chicken stew with flour dumplings, chicken legs, and several basic ingredients such as onions, garlic, paprika, and so on.

➡️ Below you can learn how to make Hungarian chicken paprikash with dumplings in just a few simple steps, using a delicious and easy recipe for Hungarian chicken stew that your family and friends will appreciate the most! Enjoy cooking paprikash at home!

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How To Cook Hungarian Chicken Paprikash from Scratch

What ingredients do you need for Hungarian chicken paprikash with dumplings? (recipe for 6 servings)

Raw Chicken Legs

1) 200 g/7 oz of yellow onion
2) 2 tbsp of sunflower oil
3) 3 tbsp of paprika (sweet, spicy, smoked, or a combination of them)
4) 6 whole chicken leg quarters (about 1.5 kg/50 oz) or separated into thigh and drumstick, on your choice
5) salt and black peppercorn to taste
6) 1-2 dried bay leaves
7) 600 g/21 oz of all-purpose flour
8) 5 eggs
9) a bundle of greenery (parsley, coriander, dill)

How to make authentic Hungarian chicken paprikash with dumplings?

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash with Dumplings

1) peel onions off, then wedge them finely
2) put oil into a high pot and wait to warm up
3) place onion wedges into the pot and fry it over a medium temperature
4) season onion with salt to taste and wait until it’s slightly brown
5) add paprika to the pot and fry ingredients for 30 seconds while stirring continuously
6) pour about 200 ml/7 fl oz of water into the pot to stop frying and reduce the temperature
7) place chicken into the pot
8) season food with salt, black peppercorn, and bay leaves to taste
9) pour water just to cover chicken leg quarters a bit (DO NOT POUR EXCESSIVE WATER!)
10) boil chicken legs over low temperature until soft (about 25-30 minutes)
11) meanwhile, place water into a high pot, add some salt, and wait to boil
12) place flour into a bowl, break eggs inside, add about 200 ml/7 fl oz of cold water (less or more, depending on the flour), and mix thoroughly ingredients by hand until smooth and elastic
13) break small dough pieces with a teaspoon and place them into the boiling water
14) wait until flour dumplings rise to the surface, this is the sign they are soft and ready for serving
15) place dumplings into a sieve to drain the water
16) when serving the food, place some flour dumplings on a deep plate, add over them 1-2 ladles of broth and a chicken leg quarter, and, finally, sprinkle some chopped greenery (optional)

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Final Notes for the Authentic Hungarian Chicken Paprikash Recipe

➡️ Chicken paprikash (csirkepaprikás) is certainly one of the most widely used chicken recipes in Hungary. People in this country just love this dish, which is chicken stew.

➡️ The Hungarian chicken paprika recipe is very tasty, so now it’s renowned all over the world. The traditional way to serve this food is with flour dumplings, but there is a variant with boiled potatoes. Nowadays it’s served even with cooked pasta.

➡️ The recipe shared on this page is the simplest and most traditional version. You can also find other chicken paprikash recipes that include sweet peppers, tomato puree, or sour cream. These variations are also authentic Hungarian paprikash recipes, as not all people cook this food in the same way.

➡️ As you can see in the video, cooking this chicken paprikash recipe is very easy, so you don’t need any serious cooking experience to prepare it. The ingredients are quite simple and easy to find, except maybe for the paprika in some places. In addition, the paprikash is ready in a very short time, so now you have the chance to cook a delicious chicken dish without too much effort and time.

➡️ I usually serve chicken paprikash without cream. Some people like to eat this Hungarian food with heavy cream, so it’s up to you whether or not to use this ingredient.

➡️ In addition to the Hungarian recipe for chicken paprikash with dumplings, there are two very similar recipes, one Bulgarian and one Jewish. For additional info, read more on chicken paprikash !I also recommend you try my chicken paprikash recipe with potatoes.

FAQs about Hungarian Paprikash (Csirkepaprikás)

What is Hungarian Paprikash (Csirkepaprikás)?

Hungarian Paprikash, also known as Csirkepaprikás, is a traditional Hungarian dish made with chicken and a rich, creamy sauce flavored with Hungarian paprika. It is a beloved classic in Hungarian cuisine and is often served with noodles or dumplings.

What ingredients are typically used in Hungarian Paprikash?

The main ingredients in Hungarian Paprikash include chicken (usually chicken thighs or drumsticks), onions, Hungarian sweet paprika, tomatoes, garlic, sour cream, and sometimes flour for thickening the sauce. Additional spices and herbs like salt, pepper, and bay leaves are often used for flavoring.

How is Hungarian Paprikash prepared?

To make Hungarian Paprikash, the chicken pieces are typically browned in a pan with onions and garlic. Then, Hungarian sweet paprika is added to the pan to create a flavorful base. Diced tomatoes and water or chicken broth are added to create a sauce, which is simmered until the chicken is cooked through and tender. Finally, sour cream is stirred in to create a creamy and tangy finish.

What is the traditional way to serve Hungarian Paprikash?

Hungarian Paprikash is traditionally served with a side of egg noodles (nokedli) or dumplings (galuska). The noodles or dumplings are often coated with the flavorful sauce to enhance the overall taste. It is common to garnish the dish with a sprinkle of chopped parsley for added freshness.

Can Hungarian Paprikash be made with other meats or vegetarian alternatives?

While the traditional version of Hungarian Paprikash uses chicken, variations of the dish can be made with other meats such as pork, beef, or veal. For vegetarian alternatives, some people make Hungarian Paprikash using mushrooms as a meat substitute. These variations still incorporate the signature Hungarian paprika and flavors.

What makes Hungarian Paprikash distinct from other paprika-based dishes?

Hungarian Paprikash stands out due to its generous use of Hungarian sweet paprika, which lends a vibrant red color and distinctive flavor to the dish. The combination of the paprika-infused sauce and the tender chicken creates a comforting and robust flavor profile that is characteristic of Hungarian cuisine.

Can Hungarian Paprikash be made spicy?

Hungarian Paprikash is traditionally made with Hungarian sweet paprika, which is not spicy. However, if you prefer a spicier version, you can use hot paprika or add a pinch of cayenne pepper or chili flakes to the dish. Adjust the level of spiciness to your personal taste.

Are there any recommended side dishes to accompany Hungarian Paprikash?

Hungarian Paprikash is often served with a simple side salad or pickled vegetables to add freshness and balance to the meal. Additionally, a side of crusty bread or Hungarian-style bread rolls can be served to soak up the flavorful sauce.

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