Ground Pork and Potatoes Casserole

Cooking Ground Pork and Potatoes: Ground Pork and Potato Casserole Recipe with Sour Cream

My ground pork and potato recipe is one of the most delicious ground pork and potatoes casserole recipes you ever cooked at home. View the recipe and video below!

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➡️ Searching for easy ground pork recipes for dinner? You can stop because on this page you’ll find out how to make ground pork and potatoes casserole from scratch. My easy ground pork recipe for dinner enables you to cook a healthy casserole with simple and tasty ingredients like ground pork, boiled potatoes, and sour cream. The ground pork and potatoes casserole is just perfect for a family dinner in the busy weeknights but also as a delightful Sunday lunch. You can plan ahead the whole cooking process, so you won’t need to spend too much time in the kitchen to make this delicious casserole.

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Cooking Ground Pork and Potato Casserole from Scratch

➡️ Cooking a ground pork and potatoes casserole is a delicious and satisfying meal that is perfect for a hearty dinner or a comforting family meal. This dish combines the savory flavors of ground pork, potatoes, and spices, all baked together in a creamy sauce. Not only is this casserole easy to prepare and budget-friendly, but it’s also a versatile dish that can be customized to your liking.

➡️ Furthermore, you can change the recipe and add vegetables, cheese, or herbs to the casserole to make it your own. Plus, leftovers can be easily reheated for a quick and satisfying meal the next day. So, if you’re looking for a comforting and delicious meal that the whole family will enjoy, give this ground pork and potatoes casserole a try!

➡️ Watch the cooking video below and learn how to make a ground pork and potatoes casserole from scratch using a yummy and easy ground pork recipe for dinner with sliced potatoes.

Ground Pork and Potatoes Casserole

Ground Pork and Potato Casserole with Sour Cream

Ground pork and potato casserole is a classic and delicious dish that is perfect for serving at family gatherings or special occasions. The dish features layers of seasoned ground pork and thinly sliced potatoes, baked to perfection in a casserole dish.
What makes this recipe so great is its simplicity and versatility. With only a few basic ingredients and a straightforward cooking method, this dish is a great option for busy weeknights or when you want to whip up a satisfying meal without spending too much time in the kitchen. Additionally, you can easily customize the dish by adding in your favorite herbs, spices, or vegetables to create your own unique flavor profile.
The combination of ground pork and potatoes is a timeless classic that is sure to please everyone at the table. Whether you are serving this dish as a main course or as a side dish, it is guaranteed to be a hit. So why not give it a try and see for yourself how delicious and comforting this recipe can be?
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Balkan
Servings 10 servings


  • 70 oz potatoes
  • 35 oz ground pork
  • 7 oz yellow onions
  • 3 tbsp sunflower oil or another vegetable oil type
  • salt and ground black pepper to taste
  • ½ tsp dried rosemary (optional)
  • 3 eggs
  • 6 tbsp sour cream


  • place potatoes into a high pot, fill it up with water, and boil them until they are just slightly soft (about 25 minutes.)
  • remove potatoes from the water, wait to cool, and peel them off
  • while the potatoes are boiling, peel the onions and chop them finely.
  • place the onions and ground pork into a frying skillet.
  • season the ingredients with salt to taste and add some oil.
  • fry the ingredients over a medium temperature until golden brown (about 15 minutes.)
  • cut the potatoes into rounds of about half a finger’s thickness.
  • brush a casserole or baking tray with a little oil and place a layer of potato rounds (about half of the potatoes.)
  • sprinkle over some salt and dried rosemary to taste.
  • add the fried mincemeat and onion mixture into the tray and spread it into a layer over potatoes.
  • grind some black pepper over the meat layer and add some salt if necessary.
  • place the remaining potato rounds into a layer over minced meat and press gently over them with your palm to compress a bit the ingredients.
  • break the eggs and separate the yolks and whites.
  • place the whites into a bowl, add a pinch of salt, and whisk them with the mixer until hard.
  • add the egg yolks to the whites bowl one by one while stirring gently.
  • add the sour cream gradually to the bowl while stirring gently until you get a smooth mixture, season with some salt and ground black pepper to taste.
  • pour the mixture immediately over the ingredients in the tray, spread it into an even layer, and shake the tray pretty energetically to eliminate all air bubbles.
  • place the tray in the preheated oven at 190 C/375 F and bake the casserole until golden on top (20-25 minutes.)
  • remove the ground pork and potato casserole from the oven and wait 15-30 minutes before serving to harden the sour cream sauce inside and cool a bit the dish.


Cooking Tips for the Best Results:

  1. For busy weeknights, plan ahead and prepare all ingredients before you start cooking. This will help you work more efficiently and prevent mistakes during the cooking process.
  2. Use high-quality ingredients whenever possible. The quality of your ingredients can have a big impact on the final dish, so choose the freshest and best quality ingredients you can find.
  3. Invest in good quality cookware and utensils. Good quality equipment can make cooking easier and more enjoyable, and can also help you achieve better results.
  4. Taste as you go and adjust seasoning as needed. Seasoning is crucial to making a delicious dish, so taste your food as you cook and adjust the seasoning as necessary.
  5. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. Cooking is a creative process, so don’t be afraid to try new ingredients. You never know, you might discover a new favorite dish!

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FAQs about the Ground Pork and Potatoes Casserole Recipe

Can I use other types of meat instead of ground pork in this casserole?

Absolutely, you can customize the casserole with various ground meats such as beef, chicken, or turkey based on your preferences. Ground pork is traditional and provides a rich flavor, but different meats can add their unique taste to the dish.

How do I ensure that the boiled potatoes in the casserole remain tender and cook evenly?

To ensure the boiled potatoes in the casserole remain tender and cook evenly, it’s important to thinly slice or dice them after boiling. Boiling the potatoes beforehand partially cooks them, making them tender and ready to absorb the flavors during baking. Thinly slicing or dicing them allows for uniform cooking, ensuring that every bite is perfectly tender and delicious in the finished dish.

Can I prepare this ground pork and potatoes casserole in advance and bake it later?

Yes, you can prepare the ground pork and potatoes casserole in advance and bake it when ready. However, if you’re using potatoes, it’s best to prepare the casserole up to the point just before baking. Assemble the layers but hold off on adding the sour cream topping until you’re ready to bake. This prevents the potatoes from discoloring due to exposure to air.

What’s the purpose of the golden sour cream layer on top of the casserole?

The golden sour cream layer on top of the casserole serves both as a flavorful topping and a decorative element. It adds richness and creaminess to the dish while creating an appealing golden-brown crust during baking. This layer enhances the overall taste and texture, making it a delightful part of the casserole.

Can I use Greek yogurt or a dairy-free alternative instead of sour cream?

Yes, you can substitute Greek yogurt or a dairy-free alternative like coconut yogurt or cashew sour cream for the sour cream layer, depending on your dietary preferences or restrictions. These alternatives can provide a similar creamy texture and tangy flavor while catering to various dietary needs. Adjust the seasoning to taste when using different dairy or non-dairy options.

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