Chicken Breast Fillets

Basic cooking tips to fillet chicken breast 2022 – how to cut chicken breast fillet in 6 steps with the kitchen knife.

Learn how to fillet chicken breast and how to cut a chicken breast with a knife for the grill or to make a chicken schnitzel!

View this video about how to fillet chicken breast for schnitzel or grill simply!

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ENJOY cooking chicken breast fillet from scratch! 👌
Did you ever fillet a chicken breast?x

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how to fillet chicken breast | how to cut chicken breast | boneless chicken breast recipes

👌 How to cut chicken breast for schnitzel – video 📺

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➡️ What ingredients do you need to learn how to fillet chicken breast? ❓

Whole Chicken Breast

1) whole chicken breast

➡️ How to fillet chicken breast from scratch? ❓

How to Fillet Chicken Breast

1) remove skin and bone, then cut the breast into two equal parts lengthwise along the median line
2) firmly press a chicken breast half on the chopper so that it does not move while cutting it
3) use a very sharp knife and cut meat into two pieces lengthwise, keeping the blade parallel to the chopper
4) proceed in the same way with the other half of chicken breast

➡️ Cooking tips about how to fillet chicken breast 🔎

An experienced person in the kitchen can smile when seeing the title of this video tutorial, but someone who is just starting to learn the secrets of gastronomy will definitely want to know how to cut the whole chicken breast into fillets.

If you are going to use a smaller chicken breast (150 g/5.5 oz maximum weight), cut chicken breast just in two halves, without making fillets.

When you make very thin fillets, they will dry and the grill or schnitzel won’t be juicy at all.

If you fillet turkey breast, cut 3-4 fillets, depending on the breast size. Too thick fillets will cause schnitzel to remain raw inside.

Before grilling or frying a schnitzel, season with salt the chicken or turkey breast fillets and wait for about 30 minutes.

The salt will be absorbed in the meat and the grill, respectively the schnitzel will be much tastier.

Proceed the same with the pepper (I recommend using white pepper) if you want a spicier taste.

Enjoy turkey or chicken breast cutlets!

➡️ How to cook chicken fillets ❓

Chicken breast schnitzel

Grilled chicken breast in the pan

Chicken cordon bleu

Baked chicken schnitzel

how to fillet chicken breast | how to cut chicken breast | boneless chicken breast recipes

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